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Linux Webserver Management

Take advantage of developer-grade stability and expandability with unmanaged services like Linode, Digital Ocean, or AWS without the headache of self-managed services.

Custom Scripting & Automation

Improve your existing security by receiving daily “new file” emails or texts when new IP addresses log in. Lock down an admin panel by opening/closing the firewall with an email. Get texts about problems before your clients alert you. The only limit is our creativity.

Small Business/Individual

We provide direct server sysadmin and other engineering support to businesses and individuals at hourly rates. We can handle everything from setting up and securing a $5/mo Digital Ocean droplet for your WordPress blog to designing a scalable infrastructure for your data clearinghouse.

Marketing & Creative Organizations

For marketing, design, and creative groups we offer as much or as little engineering support as required, from augmenting an existing technology staff with scripting and backups to working directly with your clients on technology such as DNS and email.