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About Us

Worley Systems is Jesse and Becca Worley, a couple who grew up outdoors on Texas ranches and lakes. Becca runs customer service and creative development, while Jesse manages the servers and websites. We were high school sweethearts and have been happily married for 10 years!


Giant City State Park 2011 (Anniversary Hike)

Becca is currently writing her doctoral dissertation in the field of Dramaturgy. She is a published scholar whose work has taken her (and sometimes us) all over the United States, and even recently to an international conference in Greece. She is a lifelong educator, having taught Theatre and Speech Communication at the high school and university levels, and is an accomplished actress and director. She holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Acting/Directing and a Masters of Fine Arts in Directing, both from Texas Tech University, and will soon finish her Doctorate in Dramaturgy (which loosely means Theatre History).

The daughter of an educator and a veterinarian/rancher whose family ranch in Sutton County predates the founding of Texas as a state, Becca grew up winning marksmanship competitions and state acting awards while working as a Veterinary Technician and honing her horsemanship herding livestock. She’s as good a shot as anyone you’ll ever meet, an inspirational educator, and (in Jesse’s opinion) one of the most organized people in the history of the universe.

At Worley Systems Becca takes most of your phone calls, answers most of your email, and is in charge of keeping us on-task and working quickly. She is also our Facebook expert (though she says otherwise).


Alaska 2005 (Just Married!)

Jesse took an early interest in computers, obtaining Microsoft, Novell and Unix/Linux certifications and starting professional IT work at a young age. He began designing and hosting web sites in the 90s and was soon a sought-after web server systems administrator and DNS designer. After a dozen years building and securing servers for a wide range of companies including Nextel, AIG, Peterbilt, and Verizon, Jesse left cubicle life to consult independently.

Jesse’s childhood was spent trying to stay awake in deer blinds at 6am in subzero temperatures, racing his little brother on 4-wheelers, and losing the biggest largemouth you’ve ever seen in little deer lease ponds across Texas. Jesse is also a lifelong pianist, beginning lessons at the age of five and winning competitions throughout his educational years for performance and later composition. He has written scores for small-studio video games and more than a few songs for Becca.

The son of custom home builders/land developers, Jesse grew up admiring his parents and grandparents for running Mom & Pop businesses, and only realized after several years of attempted solo management that Becca was the missing piece. Today he is fulfilling his lifelong dream of running a business with Becca.

Becca and Jesse met in 1994 while in high school and, for the first year of their relationship, Jesse drove 3.5 hours across Texas every other weekend to see her. It was love at first sight and has been a magical journey together for more than 20 years.